Contribution Guide

What can I do?

Since Beiran is a free software and follows the free software development conventions and patterns, it is open for any kind of contribution. So you can:

  • report a bug,

  • make a feature request to enhance / improve Beiran,

  • create a merge request if you implemented or fixed something,

  • start a technical discussion,

  • start a plugin project,

  • join discussions on our developer email list.

The primary channel for technical issues is our issue tracker. Please create an issue to report a bug, make a feature request or start any kind of technical discussions. You can access Issue Dashboard by visiting address below:

Issue Tracker

You need to create an account on our GitLab instance. It’s easy. Click Sign in / Register button. Fill the registration form. Approve your email address. That’s it.

You can join our email list to follow and join design and implementation discussions. You can ask your questions to get help. Please subscribe it by sending an email to:

subscribe+developers [at]

Where is the source code?

Here it is: Please fork it and start coding!

We accept code contributions via Merge Requests. Simply you should do:

  • fork project

  • change the code (on default branch or a new branch if necessary)

  • click create merge request button

  • fill the required information on the following screen

  • submit your changes

and that’s it.

What information we expect in a merge request?

  • A short and descriptive title

  • A detailed explanation containing
    • which issues does it fix or close (if there exist)

    • how does it solve problems

  • Related labels, bug / feature / security / urgent etc.

How to code

Beiran is written in Python. We follow some general coding conventions which is known and used widely in Python communities.


Please follow pep8 rules. See here:


We use sphinx to generate documentation. Do not forget inline docstrings. They compose the main part of our documentation. Please visit this page to learn how to write docstrings:

Or browse the samples through current source code.


check your code with pylint using our .pylintrc configuration file which can be found in root folder of project.

All you need to do is run pylint and check the console output for results:

$ pylint beiran/

Your code has been rated at 10.00/10 (previous run: 8.88/10, +1.12)

if you use a new 3rd party library, please do not forget adding it to requirement.txt files.

type hinting

please add type hints to your objects as much as possible in general, it is a must for those which are supposed to be used by other objects or the ones in lib modules.

please run mypy for type checking, there is a configuration file named mypy.ini in root folder:

$ mypy beiran/

The command above gives no output if there is nothing wrong.

Git Workflow

Please create a topic branch using an explicit name including issue number:

$ git checkout -b 258-build-docs-using-gitlab-ci

Change the code and commit them with a message explaining enough:

$ git add docs/source/contribute.rst
$ git add ..   # other changes
$ git commit -S -m 'documentation, adds new page, how to create plugin'
$ git push -u origin 258-build-docs-using-gitlab-ci

Sign Your Commits

Signed commits add an extra security and trust layer to git environment. It proves cryptographically the owner of the work.

If you haven’t done already, please configure your git client to sign your commits.

You can find detailed guide here:

After configuring git client, add your public key of your gpg pair to your gitlab profile.

See here for more details:


Also please –signoff one of your commits to declare approving DCO. Please see and read carefully Copyright and DCO section below.


Contributors’ work is protected with Developer Certificate of Origin which can be found project root dir in DCO file or here

By contributing this project you agree with `DCO` and certify your contribution as described in `DCO`.