Welcome to Beiran’s documentation!

Beiran is a set of tools for replacing distribution layer of package management systems.


At this moment, it is under heavy development and we will be announcing an alpha release soon.

It aims provide out-of-box experience to fit along with existing tools, focuses on security, decentralization and availability.

Beiran creates a cluster of nodes on an underlying p2p network to share packages. Package refers to any binary objects like docker images, docker layers, apt’s deb archives or tar archives.

By version alpha, only docker, apt and npm systems will be supported. We expect to support more with help of community. If you are interested in starting a plugin, please follow our contribution guide document.

Getting Started

Installation, configuration and how to manage a Beiran cluster documents are for you, if you are interested in just trying or starting to use Beiran on your environment:

And you can go on with contribution guide, if you want to help with current codebase, issues, and documentation or starting a new package plugin:

While developing, you may want to check Beiran Reference which is generated from inline doc strings and gives detailed information about codebase:

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